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Advanced Essentials Series


Advanced Essentials

This course is for the guitarist who wants to better understand chord theory, song writing theory, and a new world of more advanced chords. 

Have you ever wandered how to understand and play suspended, augmented, diminished, and 7th chords? This course will explain how to play each and how to identify every chord that exists.

Once you complete this series, you'll be able to build every chord that exists, improve your songwriting ability, and create unique chord progressions.

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Core Lessons
in this series

Notes Review

Bar Chords

Bar Chords Quiz

Chord Spelling

Major, Minor, Sus Chords Explained

Power Chords (5 Chord) and 2 Chords

7 and 9 Chords

Diminished, Half Diminished, and Augmented Chords

Every Other Chord That Exists

6th String Position Chords

5th String Position Chords

Chords Outside the Family

Extra G Chord Family Chords

Extra D Chord Family Chords

Extra A Chord Family Chords

Extra C Chord Family Chords

Extra E Chord Family Chords

*Plus 35 BONUS Advanced Lessons

Cancel with a Click - $14.95 After 7 Days - 30 Days for Refund